Saturday, November 26, 2011

David vs Goliath part 3

The next batch of boards from "David vs Goliath

 Goliath: "Well, well, well..."

Goliath: "Guess I ain't the only one interested in the documents."

David: "..."

David: "No..."

David: "I guess not."

David: "I'll tell you what, though."

David: "I bet you're not getting paid as much--"

David: "-- as I do--"

David: "-- to steal this"

Goliath: "Grrr..."

Goliath: "Hand over the purse! Don't make me---"

David: "A PURSE?!"

David: "It's a SATCHEL!"

David: "Didn't you know? Indiana Jones has one."

Slippery When Wet

Oh man, this was fun to do.

David vs Goliath part 2 (image heavy!)

So I've decided to call this hand-to-hand combat assignment "David vs Goliath."  The first two scenes can be found in the previous post as an animatic.  This one's just gonna be board panels because I'm too lazy to make an animatic.

Since this one is image-heavy, I'm putting the rest of the boards under cut. The rest of the boards can be found after the jump.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Digitally Coherent

Drawing with a tablet has always been the bane of my existence, but now that I finally managed to find a brush setting that works for me, it doesn't seem so bad anymore.  The overly smooth look of digital art has never been my cuppa tea, so the solution is to use a "jittery" brush.

I named the brush "Caffeine Addict".
  1. Pick any Elliptical brush and change the settings:
  2. Angle: 18°, Roundness: 45%, Hardness: 100%, Spacing: 1%
  3. Shape Dynamics - Size & Angle Jitter 100%,  Minimum diameter: 0px, Roundness jitter 39%, Minimum Roundness 9%
  4. Other Dynamics - Opacity Jitter 15%, Flow Jitter 100%

It's 7AM now, so it's time to sleep, but I got the first two scenes of this week's board done.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dramatic Mugging

Playing with composition and lighting.  No little boy is hurt in the making of this.

Japanese Room

Went to a coffeeshop today and sketched a few things.  I like how this one came out.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Everything is on Sale"

Storyboard for an original story using the characters from my comic. The original comic can be read here.