Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Storyboard Assignment #6

Week 6 assignment was to board a scene using Gollum's monologue in LOTR: Two Towers. We were supposed to use two characters, but I've never done mirror play before so I thought I should try out something new, and I picked Joker because I can't think of another character psychotic enough to do a Gollum monologue.

The entire animatic is timed but on some parts the audio is still a bit off-sync. I'm not sure why because when played on Storyboard Pro it sync'd up quite nicely. I could spend hours tweaking and exporting until it comes out perfect, but I'd rather move on to other things. Towards the end the boards get a bit more sketchy and the acting is less posed out because I ran out of time. Probably shouldn't have started this the day before it's due.

Audio Clip from "Lord of the Rings: The Two Tower". Joker is (c) DC Comics.

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