Saturday, November 26, 2011

David vs Goliath part 3

The next batch of boards from "David vs Goliath

 Goliath: "Well, well, well..."

Goliath: "Guess I ain't the only one interested in the documents."

David: "..."

David: "No..."

David: "I guess not."

David: "I'll tell you what, though."

David: "I bet you're not getting paid as much--"

David: "-- as I do--"

David: "-- to steal this"

Goliath: "Grrr..."

Goliath: "Hand over the purse! Don't make me---"

David: "A PURSE?!"

David: "It's a SATCHEL!"

David: "Didn't you know? Indiana Jones has one."

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